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Re: Tracfone Customer "service"

Sorry to hear about the bad customer service—I've always received excellent service from Tracfone when I've needed to call them, including three times over the past month as I tried to figure out why my phone has been dropping calls like crazy for about six weeks now. All of the connections were clear, the representatives were knowledgeable, and despite some slightly heavy accents, everyone was easy to understand and did a great job of troubleshooting my issues. It turns out that the problem is most likely poor Verizon coverage in my area, so after 10 years of Tracfone, I'm moving on to Mint. It should be interesting!

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Re: Tracfone Customer "service"

I have been a Tracfone customer for over 10 years.  My latest experience turned me off.  I bought a Samsung phone and enabled the fingerprint feature.  After about a month, I could no longer sign in using the fingerprint feature or any other sign in opption.  I called Tracfone and was told the phone could not be fixed.  I bought a new Tracfone ( a Motorola) and contacted Tracfone customer service in hopes that I could get my old phone number on the new phone.  Now since I only use the phone for phone calls, texts, and occasional searches, I don t set up Gmails and the host of stuff that I don't use.  This prevented me from satisfying Tracfone's verification system from authenticated my ownership of the account.  I told them I had the QVC receipt for purchase of the Samsung phone and mailed them a copy with the SIM card information and anything else that came in the box that identified me as the owner of the phone.

So not only did a have a phone that stopped working in only a month or so of usage, I lost a phone number that I had used for about 20 years (pre Trakfone and beyond).  I then got a new phone number for the Motorola phone and set it up with all the extraneous stuff (gmail, ets) I never use.

Now at the end of my prepaid year of service, I have switched to a new service provider and hope never to use Tracfone again.