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Placed orders on 1/23/23 for the Laura Geller baked blush n brighten trio and also for the Josie Maran intensive infinity creamy oil.


Received today and what I got was 2 of the Laura Geller baked blush n brighten trio and NO Josie Maran. Now it is no longer available! 


Pitiful how someone can't pay attention to what they are doing. People just don't care anymore about doing a GOOD job. They just want a paycheck. To heck with doing it right! Rant over!

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Mistakes happen.  

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Yes, that is frustrating.  We don't have any idea what their warehouse is like or what kind of pressure the workers are under.  I received several wrong things at the end of last year.  Luckily, customer service was able to fix them for me.  Things happen.

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Sad to say, you aren't the only customer we hear similar things happen.  Wrong orders, clearly used items sent out.  It goes on.  I have been one of them.


We have been hearing a shortage of employees causing a lot of problems, but ask companies if it's actually shortage of employees or shortage of quality employees, those who are able to do the work.


The answer...quality of employees. Not enough are capable of doing the work.  


We know that is one of QVC's problems because there was an online note to that fact.  "We are experiencing a shortage of workers."  


Some interpret that to mean there aren't enough people in the country.  Not at all.  There are plenty, just not enough capable of doing the work. 


What does that say about the United States when residents of the country can't perform the duties expected to keep the country moving forward?




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Re: Totally ticked off!

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I had the similar problem!  Bought the MAC eyeshadow and eye base set -- (A591392) received and only the eyeshadow was in the packaging.  


I had gotten a call from Susan, QVC Corporate on another issue.  I explained the problem - she had me return as defective.  but, now the item is on "waitlist"☹️☹️


I don't think in my instance this was a warehouse problem I think these items come from the vendor wrong -- it's QC that's missing!!


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Utilizing robots for warehouse work might be a good idea

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It's not really people incapable of doing the work.


 I work in the service industry in a huge corporation.  There is a lack of people who want to do the work.  


These kind of entry level jobs involve more physical types of duties which call center, bank, receptionist and other entry level type jobs don't require.  That's why food service, retail, warehouse and jobs like those are having problems right now. 

Hiring and retention have become a huge part of my role now which wasn't true 3 or 4 years ago.  

Also, I take into consideration how many millions of orders the warehouses process weekly.  Mistakes are always going to happen.  

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@crazy4bears ....This may be another reason people are hesitant to order.  I'm sorry this happened to you. Cat Frustrated