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Tommie Copper Face Coverings

Just saw a two-pack of these face/coverings/masks offered on air. Looked them up on QVC website to find country of origin posted as "imported." Tommie Copper, from my experience, most often manufactures in China. It was in the news that many masks originally made in/shipped from China were CONTAMINATED. Where are these face coverings/masks made? If it's China, in light of recent news, why is QVC selling them? I bought wasable, reusable made in USA face coverings from The Flag Shirt company on line....and they were a whole lot cuter....

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Re: Tommie Copper Face Coverings

@cebiscuit   Thank you for the information about the Flag Shirt Co, I am going online today to purchase some if available!   Also I've heard the same thing regarding contaiminated masks and the US receiving old, outdated masks from China that were not stored correctly and they are falling apart, some even have mold!

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Re: Tommie Copper Face Coverings

I wish they would state where the items are made in the description.


For anyone that ever calls in, they should ask live on air where the item is made. 


My guess is that most times when it says "imported", it's from China, and QVC is not stating the country of origin on purpose.   Hopefully people will leave that information when they review items, and not only for the face coverings, for all products.  I for one, will try to remember to add that whenever I am posting a review. 

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Re: Tommie Copper Face Coverings

I do not know much about Tommie Copper but because I must wear a compression stocking due to a DVT I am aware of different sites that sell compression wear. One of them is Ames Walker and they are selling at this moment face masks. They do state where the item is made and it is not China.