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Thank you to QVC Social Team

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Just want to announce a Thank you to QVC Social Team , Alice & Beth & Kim . 

I've had a few orders  of new inventory items  that were on wait list or advanced order  that  they were very helpful in changing the size or color for me . I even hit lucky that the alternate choice that I made were in stock so I did not have to wait .  I changed my mind abt sizing as a couple items based on   sizing suggestions  of newly posted customer reviews . They even helped me with a price adjustment on one item .

I've had really good luck in receiving all my items  very quickly  in the last  2 months.

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Re: Thank you to QVC Social Team

I think that the QVC Social Team is the BEST part of the QVC package.

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Re: Thank you to QVC Social Team

I agree.  The QVC Social Team are the best!

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Re: Thank you to QVC Social Team

QVC Social Team,

Thanks for all you do,

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Re: Thank you to QVC Social Team

I also would like to send special thanks to the QVC Social Team. 

I recently sent back a beautiful Susan Graver jacket for another size.  Instead of the exchange I requested, I got notified that my jacket was returned.  I sent an email to the Social Team yesterday and received an nice email back from Kim shortly after sending my email.  She promptly put in another order for my jacket, along with expedited free shipping.  I expected that I would be receiving my jacket sometime next week.  To my happy surprise, the package was at my door this morning (approximately 24 hours after sending my first email.


I would like to personally thank Kim, along with the entire QVC Social Team who have also helped my very promptly with any other issues I might have had with my orders in the past. 


I have been a QVC customer for over 20 years and expect to be a happy customer for many years to come.


Thank you QVC Social Team for all that you do for your customers.