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Thank you Melissa from Live Chat!!!

Melissa from Live Chat solved my missing Software Bundle problem that I have had for about 3 weeks.


I called customer service early on. I then on Dec.9 contacted the Mods on here and no one told me to check the outside of my box where the invoice is. It was with the invoice. On the outside where they tape the invoice to the box now instead of putting it in the box.They both just said they would give it to the electronics department which the electonics department never contacted me about the issue either.


Thanks again Melissa for your help! It took calling, then twice trying to reach out to the Mods on here and then finally doing a Live Chat.


Another thing is I noticed I am not alone wondering where my software bundle is/was. I hope other people missing theirs will read this and find it like I did.


Merry Christmas! :-)


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Re: Thank you Melissa from Live Chat!!!

Glad you found yours!  I didn't receive mine but also after a live chat they are sending a replacement.