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As the Christmas shopping is nearing end along with a unprecedented year we've all endured....just wanted to say thank you for assisting in whatever as customers we request!!


Best wishes for a 



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Sweet "Card" and nicely said - I wholeheartedly agree!

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Yes thank you for all of your hard work and your patience with some of the customers who get irate over the littlest thing.   Have happy holidays!

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Yes! Merry Christmas to the mods......they put up with alot...LOL


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You beat me to it, @homedecor1 .  I was coming on to thank the mods as well, but you've said it so much better with a beautiful card.


I appreciate all that the moderators do for us, especially so in this most difficult year.


I hope they all get the chance to have a quiet, blessed holiday, however they celebrate.

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Yes, thank you to the most efficient group of people at QVC.  I wonder if they are working today?  Regardless, Merry Christmas !