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Your bagels might have been shipped, but not reflected on Q's site. I unexpectedly received mine this morning. Q's site still showed in process, and an estimated delivery of 2/5. Now, a few hours later, it shows shipped 2/4, estimated delivery of 2/5. I entered the tracking# from the label into the UPS site. There it shows they were shipped yesterday evening, 2/3.

@Caffeina & @grooms  Unfortunateley we have been seeing this with other food items also, it's been reported.  


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QVC Susan


I sure hope you are right.  I know occasionally things I have purchased show on one day it being shippepd and getting it the next day.  Now when I go to look, it is still not showing it has been shipped.....don't know what is wrong with this website?  I sure sure hope I will get the bagel tomorrow, Feb.5th or even Saatrday Feb. 6th in time for Super Bowl.  Thank you.

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I orders them on 12/27 and they have been in process for 10 days. Emailed the social team but haven't heard back yet.

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Still no bagels.  UPS says they have printed a label but not received merchandise yet.  I wonder where the bagels are?  If they were really on their way to UPS I imagine they are moldy by now, boo.  If they haven't been baked yet and will still be sent out sure would like to know.  

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I ordered item no.M67539 (bialys) on Jan 26.  QVC's order status says it shipped February 6 (today) and arrived February 3 (Wednesday).  The last line of the order status dated February 6 says "shipper created label.  UPS has not received the package yet".  My credit card was charged on January 26.  Good luck getting your order.