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I just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to Kim for her recent help with an item I purchased.   She was so wonderful,  that I wound up purchasing a second!!!!

The QVC SOCIAL TEAM is the BEST.  I applaud you all.   

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Re: THANK YOU KIM, Social Team

This is the best thing that the Q did for their customers.  The team is the best when it comes to problems.  I have had many issues and they always come to my rescue.  


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Re: THANK YOU KIM, Social Team

@ nyc 1   May I add to your blog?. I am not sure how to start blog. Thank you. May I say , ALSO. THE SOCIAL TEAM IS FANTASTIC!!!! They are the best  on the Q No matter the problem they are always helpful , patient , kind and Courteous. They truly represent the Q. These people shoud be management. THEY WORK HARD!!!! Wish I could remember all their names. A special thank you to all especially Alice, Beth, Wayne Kim. And all others on the SOCIAL TEAM!!!!! MANY THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP customers. The Team does not have an easy job trying to satify all people, There are some people that can be especially rude to the TEAM. Not easy.  to put up with ugliness but they always try to help regardless. not easy! Wish this memo could be sent to management. PLEASE MANAGEMENT "HOW ABOUT A SPECIAL RECOGNIZATION FOR "THE SOCIAL TEAM!!!! THANK YOU1!!!!!!!!!!!!!M.McG