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@BUD - The charges you are seeing are most likely tied to the TracFone purchase directly, not to any surcharges associated with using a credit card or even with QVC. I've had a TracFone for years, and whenever I've bought a new one or even just a new service plan, there have been significant additional charges beyond the base price of the components. As has been mentioned already in this thread, fees and taxes are specific to phone-related categories and are assessed both nationally and on a state-by-state basis as well as by service providers.

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You are probably right about the additional Tracfine charges, what I'm having a problem with is that it wasn't disclosed upfront that a surcharge was implemented,  whether it be from QVC or Tracfone. According to my state government website all surcharges by online retailers must be disclosed, also it is at the discretion of the retailer whether they want to add on these charges. My charges were looped in with my taxes with no reference to a surcharge, and QVC can not tell me where the disclosure statement is located. Some may say I'm carrying this too far, but I don't think so. Everyone should know where their hard earned dollars are going.