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Re: Stupid delivery

Actually, you do NOT pay that much for shipping.


Have you taken something to the PO recently? 


Their prices have gone way up and you pay a LOT more than $3.50 to ship anything these days!

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Re: Stupid delivery

@MalteseMomma wrote:

@kitcat51 wrote:

Let's see if this is right...your package got lost in the mail & Q is sending a replacement at no charge? If that's correct then I'm not sure what's stupid about it. You paid for a top that's lost in the mail, you're getting a replacement & if the first one shows up then Q is trusting you'll be honest & return it. Sorry your pkg got lost & hope the replacement arrives promptly...enjoy.



She probably will be charged for sending it back!!!!


AMAZON,would tell her to keep it!  Smiley Happy


This isn't Amazon!