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I ordered two Studio Park as-is items, one on 2/6, & one on 2/14.

Although the status says," Preparing your order", neither one has shipped, whereas other, regular items have gone out quite quickly.

I'm thinking that there is a low priority here, & I wouldn't mind, if I knew I was actually going to get them.  In the past, the as-is things have been cancelled, after a wait.



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Yes, I have one in process for 10 days, delivery date 2/18, 2 days ago.  


No indication before I placed the order it was backordered, advance order, or waitlisted, but I'm thinking it was one of those and QVC is up to its tricks again by not telling us before we hit "buy."


I have two other recent orders that were processed and received very quickly.  



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What is the possibility that the items are returns? Could it be possible that QVC was notified of the returns but not physical received them yet to then mail out?

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Re: Studio Park “as is”

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That is a very real possibility, but it would be better if they ever mentioned it!  Who knows what the condition might be?