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Re: Stick a fork in me, I may be DONE!

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There are no problems doing an exchange had you done it the right way using the EZ returns system.


New size is sent out in a couple days.



Had you wanted just a return, credit would have been issued in a couple days.


No need to wait til it gets back to the warehouse either way.



If it was a special price, just call CS and they can order it and fix the price.


If you asked for an exchange, and didn't get it, make sure your refund is in full including the label fee.



Do NOT just send things back!  USE THE EZ RETURNS !!!!!

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Re: Stick a fork in me, I may be DONE!

No @kaydee50 


You should receive a full refund.


If not, it can be fixed by mods or CS

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Re: Stick a fork in me, I may be DONE!

@crazy4bears wrote:

I returned a dress for an EXCHANGE of a larger size. They received on August 8th. I kept checking to see if the exchange was being processed. 

Oh heck no, they just issued me a refund! The size I need is AVAILABLE so why in the world would they just issue the refund and not process??????

And they say so problems with doing an exchange! HA!

The dress was on a special price and now it is listed higher or I would just reorder it.
Poor service for dang sure. 

I've had to always do a live chat on my returns too. They show received for weeks and no credit issued. 


ding, ding, ding, ding!

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Re: Stick a fork in me, I may be DONE!

ME TOO!!! Been a customer for 38 yrs.. before it was even named QVC. This is now standard operating for them. I have paid for so many items I never received, By the time i realize they are missing, they no longer have the item. Also the wait time for items now are rediculous. You used to recieve your orders in 7 days. I just had a Lug wallet, tote & 2 charms show " reparing order" for 3 weeks before it showed shipped. But, never got because once label was created it never moved... But, I was billed nd rook foreve to get it taken care of. And it's not just Lug... It's almost all orders. Then when you auto delivery & You cancel ALL FUTURE ORDERS, they still send those out, then want to charge ME to return something I canceled.. It really upsets ne its gotten this bad. But, I can't justify continuing using QVC while it runs their business like an unreputable & dishonest business. The hosts had good quality products they were presenting at a good price. Now I can get from vendor for same price with FREE S/H. And the hosts have to be good actors now, because the quality of a lot of QVC items is lacking...but they tell you how great it is and they personally own. wonder if they have to pay return shipping on defective or mis represented items like we do???

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Re: Stick a fork in me, I may be DONE!

@CustomerB4namedQVC    Sounds as though you should be shopping somewhere else if you're having so many problems.  I've had several things show they shipped and never moved and it took me about 30 seconds to get a refund from the Social Team.


I've often cancelled auto delivery with no problem whatsoever.  Perhaps you waited until the last minute to cancel?  If there was a record of a cancellation, you wouldn't be charged unless it was so late it couldn't be stopped.


Of course the hosts pay the same fees that everyone else does.  They get an employee discount on merchandise but pay the same fees.

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