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Re: So Feed Up With QVC Shipping

Good customer service would be utilizing their website to explain to their customers why the problems with "processing, shipping, and credits." Yet they remain silent, bad customer service is hiding behind a so called email or phone call.  Pitiful, shameful, and they should be embarrassed

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Re: So Feed Up With QVC Shipping

How in the world are they going to be able to handle Christmas orders!
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Re: So Feed Up With QVC Shipping

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I will now refrain from purchasing for a while.  Enough is enough. 


I've always had stellar customer service from QVC, and I still rank it amongst the best for purchasing items I really want and need.  But I am too frustrated right now to continue to go down that rabbit hole they've obviously been in for a while.


A customer service rep on the phone actually gave me an attitude when I asked about an order that was in day-9 before arriving.  She said, "well, it does say it's only an estimated delivery date."  Silence.  She offered no more explanation, or even a scripted customer care apology.  I calmly explained to her that my purchase decision in the first place is based on an expectation of when I'll receive it, and the EDD is way past it's date.  Again, silence. 


Now I'm waiting for a different package (couldn't cancel), in it's 8th day.  I'm done.  Purchasing elsewhere until they get their act together. 


The QVC notice on the Order Status pages says:


"Return Status: We're currently experiencing delays in processing customer returns.  Please allow additional time for the return and/or exchange of your product."   


But where's the notice about the deplorable shipping delays, and not being able to cancel the order???

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Re: So Feed Up With QVC Shipping

I totally agree with you Carmie! The Q used to have wonderful quick shipping...I would receive a shipping notice within a couple of days at my orders seem to sit in limbo for a week or more only to then receive an apology email that shipping is delayed. This seems to be the norm now and I’m tired of it. It seems like once the big HSN purchase, everything went downhill. Now both channels frequently carry the same brands. Once my bill is paid off, (next month) I’m out of here! And I feel sad to say that after such great service for almost 30 years.
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Re: So Feed Up With QVC Shipping

I'm with ya!!! I just got a call saying it'll be 6 more days to receive my Lock n Lock I ordered on 4/26. This is the second time in 2 months thatI've had to wait, the last item took over 2 months and I finally just canceled it. I can order from many sites directly and get it faster by going to the retailers direct site. I don't need the middleman who can't get me my items. I already stopped buying from HSN once QVC acquired them and I have no problem doing the same to QVC. If I want Josie I will go her website or sephora. If i want beekman their shipping from their mercantile is quite speedy. All good items have their own sales sites. QVC take notice, your getting cut out.