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Smart people know to make sure if you do christmas shopping closer to ThAnksgiving and Christmas to make sure you order really early. With orders taking alot longer than the regular delivery time and the holiday shopping season could mean alot longer delays.
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Miss the good old days when you could dash done to the mall on Christmas Eve.  Good times.

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Smart people like me finish all holiday shopping by August.  All I need to do in the Fall is wrap gifts.  Thanks, Christmas in July!!

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Smart people do NOT believe the QVC hosts who say, "We guarantee it will be there in time for gift giving" anytime after December 10.  I truly wish that they would STOP making that ridiculous claim.

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It's only July if you order now I hope the deliveries will arrive by December!


Although, I'm thinking if it's something you won't find guess it's better to order early.  Shopping in Traditional stores will be different I'm sure - if we ever get back to those fun shopping days🤞🏻


Lucky for me I only buy for 2 kids (which I have direct ship) and rest are checks.  Those are mailed early. 

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I will order no presents for Christmas! Way too much hassle if you want to exchange something. HSN does it right. They let you do your own exchange if the item is available in your size, color etc. They ship it right out & you have 15 days to get your return to the Post office. Not just clothes, everything!

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Walmart, Target and Best Buy closed this yr on Thanksgiving.


Rest of retail will fall in line in the coming days.


I suspect Good Friday is out, too.


Be informed, know this , going into the holiday season .


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