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Ordered 2 dresses 07/09/2020. One shipped 07/10/2020. Arrived 07/22/2020! Other dress did not ship until 07/15/2020 not received yet. Oh did I mention the event I needed them for was on the 19th...... Lesson learned.
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That's why I tag on an extra week or two to my expectation of when I will receive something. The postal/UPS systems are like the rest of us.....they have been hit badly by the coronavirus, having to take steps to compensate for the personnel drop. 


My local post office has made changes I see when I go in there, to the point where there is only one counter person, when they are normally three, the number of personnel to deliver mail/packages are reduced because of illness, etc. That means I don't get my mail until later in the day because some have to pull a double shift or split a second route with someone else who is doing the same.


Same with QVC and their staff. I was told by their customer service that they are reduced to half the normal amount (this was about two months ago) due to illness and/or social distancing, with some of the staff working behind the scenes shifting their hours. Same with their warehouse people. Other companies I do business with have told me similar stories.


I had two orders from HSN and both of them took three to four weeks to get to me, but I eventually got them. I just don't purchase anything I expect to arrive by a certain time.


It has been a learning experience for me to just use patience, relax, and know it will come when it comes. Nothing else I can do about it so I don't allow myself to get worked up over it.


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@Whisperonly    Times have changed.  Pays to plan far, far ahead...with any retailer.  It truly is not too early to be ordering Christmas presents as shipping is bound to be a colossal mess this year.

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