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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

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I think some are under the impression that absolutely everything on QVC shipped for either $3.00 or $5.00.


There is an as-is item (x-mas tree) that has s/h for $33.00. 

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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

@Coffeedrinker wrote:

I believe Amazon Prime does sell clothes and some may have free returns.  Re shpg. charges -- yesterday I saw an item on clearance or last clicks that was selling at approx.  $6 and shipping was $5.50.  Now that's outrageous.  

Amazon does sell clothing for adults and kids too.  I have ordered shoes and if they don't work out, returns are free and you are credited promptly. 


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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

@LipstickDiva - Funny you should mention that - I was about to purchase one today and the shipping stopped me in my tracks. I really thought I'd be ahead of myself this year and get a tree early since mine is nearly bald. Checked Amazon - lots of nice trees, good prices and free shipping. Just need to decide which one I want. Will be buying from Amazon ...

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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

So funny my order is coming to Tx and it left PA and now it's in Indianapolis, In


'say, what'? LOL


Needs to go Southwest, folks. USPS ground

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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

Between a web site with frequent problems, so many I no long trust QVC as a safe place to shop, and brutally outrageous shipping costs, QVC delivered me to Amazon.  I don't face web site issues every other day, I get free shipping, and that free shipping is much faster than QVC shipping.  I also find I'm saving a lot of money buying the same things elsewhere!  So, thank you QVC for sending me to Amazon!  Oh, they are much more friendly there, on the rare chance you try to contact them with a question!  Oh, almost forgot!  The shoes I purchased there offered free returns, if they didn't fit!  

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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

What about the shipping on today's TSV - outrageous - $5.50 for something  as flimsy as that........anymore shipping is at least 3 times more than the taxes I pay for the item!  Just outrageous!

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Re: Shipping increased to $7.50

Agree! QVC shipping costs are out of control and is really slow!! I believe their profit is going waaaay down! Prices for food and clothes which is what I usually buy are insane for the quality! So, needless to say I hardly buy from QVC anymore! I've also noticed lunchtime specials are not so great either! Hope they get their act together! JMO 😉