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Shipping frozen food in the summer

Well, I am a cookie lover that got a little excited during Christmas in July (I never order food online) and ordered the David's Cookie 192 piece pack for immediate delivery.  The ginger molasses flavor offering got me .. and I thought I'd try them out and order more for the holidays if I liked them.


They shipped from New Jersey to me in Massachusetts (in the scheme of things, not that great of a delivery distance).  They made 3 facility stops along the way, traveled thru 4 states over 2 days and were delivered to my porch when I was not home.  The dry ice was evaporated.  Part of the cookie dough was soft/partially defrosted.  I threw them in the freezer thinking I was over reacting ... but, no ... baked a couple a day later and they upset our stomachs.  Yikes.  Lesson learned.  


So, my message to QVC and food vendors is that they need to adjust their delivery timing in the warm weather for frozen foods.  Because the David's Cookies delivery method DID NOT work well at all.

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Re: Shipping frozen food in the summer

@bluehydrangea that is a true bummer my friend.i hope you called cs to get your money back.i have bought Carmel apples before around the holiday time and had no problem.frozen food I would be really iffy

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Re: Shipping frozen food in the summer

@bluehydrangea    All you need to do is contact CS, explain what happened and they'll cheerfully refund your money.  If the dough was only partially thawed, it should not have upset stomachs.

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Re: Shipping frozen food in the summer

I had a delivery not long ago and came and soft and warm.  I called customer service and she said I would toss them.  I am to get a replacement but so far nothing. These are on auto delivery.


I have never had an issue before on the cookies and have had several.  Not sure what happened.  Customer service said if happens again call and get refund.   I wanted the cookies.

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Re: Shipping frozen food in the summer

I do not order any food items that require dry ice during the warm/hot months.  I've learned the hard way although QVC has always gave me a refund over the phone.  I wanted to order the salt water taffy the other day but it was for immediate shipment shipment only....definitely a big NO for me here in Texas.  I've not had a problem with food items in the cooler/colder months....knock on wood.

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Re: Shipping frozen food in the summer

I would never order any food in the hot summer months and especially with todays problems with shippers.


Hopefully they will have your Davids Cookies when its cooler and you can order them again.


Definitely call customer service to get the help you need.



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