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Shipping delays from warehouse

Why is it taking 4 sometimes 5 days from order date to shipping date?  Then of course it can take 10 days plus to get to the recipient with Sure post.  This is getting ridiculous. Especially when the customer is paying for the shipping.

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

@Hoping for the best.  None of us have ever been to a Q warehouse, although I'd love to visit,  so we can only speculate.


My mostly clothing order are shipping in 3 days or less.  Many items are shipped. By vendor over whom QVC has no control.  It's not unusual for the arrival to the warehouse by shippers to delay  an item for a few days.  Shipments from Asia aren't always on time due t9 weather, labor and other conditions.


Once shipped, I've never had an item take 10 days to arrive.  Some of the contracted transporters take their own sweet time but they're not that slow.  9f course erratic weather can cause delays.

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

@Hoping for the best - There are many factors involved in every order, from the item(s) being purchased to the entity (QVC or the vendor) shipping the order to the amount of orders placed in a day to the courier designated to handle delivery to dozens of other supply chain considerations. FWIW, I have had no delays at all since the beginning of the year and have been very pleased about that; in fact, two of the items I ordered during yesterday's free shipping event have already shipped and the other three are already in "Preparing Your Order" status. In my experience, some clothing, accessory, and beauty vendors are slower to ship than others (and you'll see multiple complaints about them over the years in this forum—not sure why the general order fulfillment standards don't seem to apply to them).


I'm sorry about your delays and hope things improve for you soon...

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

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I am sorry you are experiencing delays and understand just how frustrating it must for you.😐 It sounds like it might be a supply, or geographic location issue, but I hope this problem gets resolved for you soon.🤞🥰 I have had it take MUCH longer sometimes for an item to ship, but thankfully they were not needed by a specific time, and there was always a logical explanation.😊


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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse


Is it coming from a vendor or from Q?  If it comes from a vendor it always takes longer.  

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

QVC is not known for being the fastest.  If it gets to me within a week I am content.   


Same for other shippers.  I am not an Amazon Prime member.  Sunday I ordered from Amazon knowing the expected delivery is Saturday.  


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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

As a rule, my items arrive fairly quickly, unless they are shipped from the Ontario. Ca. warehouse.  Then, its a good week via UPS to the east coast, then they transfer to the USPS.  Then, there's a weekend in there, so that's over a week.  Items shipped from the east coast warehouses will get here in 4 days, maybe.  I'm in central NC.  These are strictly actual shipping times, processing, preparing times are usually 2 or 3 days.

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Re: Shipping delays from warehouse

I have to give a big THANK YOU out to the Q shipping department. I ordered the TSV  Dyson fan on Sunday 5/19 today is Wednesday 5/22 and the fan is out for delivery UPS unbelievable . With this heat that came to NY I am grateful as it showed arrival was around the 29th. Will always give credit where credit is due so here are 10**********