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I just don't get why items are delivered by two different companies, it's takes so much longer, especially if its the weekend...And especially plants, that hang out too long and are dead when they arrive...This happenend to me, but I must say they were replaced. so now I'm waiting again, I sure hope my tomatoes arrive in good condition this time...Why it takes over two to be delivered and now the weekend is coming up and I;m sure they will sit somewhere too long before being delivered...I hope they arrive in good shape this time...


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@kipper    Its a less expensive arrangement for the shipper.  It doesn't slow my packages down unless somebody screws up and sends something to the wrong destination.

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Re: Shipping UPS to USPS

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I don't like this method of shipping either, but I think we're stuck with it because it's cheaper for the retailer.


I dread it, when I see that a package of mine arrives at the UPS depot - because 9 times out of 10, they're going to transfer it the next day to my local post office 5 miles from my home, who will hold it for another full day before they deliver it.


I asked my postmaster once, if I could just pick it up myself and was told no and that they "had to hold it for at least 24 hours" before delivery (under the SurePost rules).  Now that makes no sense at all to me.  But they won't budge on that, so it sits there.

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The UPS to USPS shipping definitely slows down the delivery of my orders, by 3-4 days at least, without being 'misdirected' along the way.





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@kipper   sure you know why-  it's about the cost for the shipper.   

i have no issue with when my QVC orders arrive -  I have not seen a change for years and years.  And, maybe surprising, I get orders faster now than I did back in the 1990's - you know, when lots of us thought QVC was perfect!

companies that offer less expensive shipping either have other ways to earn a profit (think Amazon's iCloud or Prime) or they are small and trying to attract new customers by offering a different deal.  (Different deal is fine if don't have to have the QVC product)




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Mine definitely get delayed by being delivered to the USPS.  It gets dropped off to our USPS branch which is a few miles from here.  Then the packages sit there for at least 3 days until they start moving again.  IMO, plants should be delivered via priority or 2 day shipping.

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You can cut shipping time down by bypassing USPS.  Sign up for UPS My Choice Plus for $19 a year.  With all the USPS delays, it has been worth it for me.


UPS will deliver all USPS Sureposts directly, but not Mail Innovations that weigh less than 2 lbs.  They will be delivered by USPS.


However, if you buy a lot of jewelry and lightweight clothing that weigh less than 2 lbs, it might not be worth it because they will be delivered by USPS.  


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I'd rather wait a few extra days and get my order.  I have a dozen orders that are still "processing."  When I call I get no answers.  I have one that's been sitting there for so long.  I called CS to get a credit difference issued of $10.00 but they "could not" do it until it shippped so I did live chat and they were happy to issue the price difference.