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Shipping Is Very Slow!

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Why is shipping so slow? I have about five items that are not moving. I wonder what the issue is. I think the Q has to hire more people.

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Re: Shipping Is A Disgrace!

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The last couple of weeks I've had some pretty quick deliveries from Amazon, Doheny's & LLBean. Received within 4 days of ordering.


Have a Laura Geller Italian Marble Lipstick Order on the way from the Q. Ordered on the 5th, shipped on the 7th so although that's not so bad who knows now that it's in the hands of the shipper how long it will take especially now that it went from the hands of UPS to the USPS. 


We're having a heatwave here so it might not have been the best time of year to order lipstick. Hope it doesn't arrive looking like jelly. 


Came back to edit and add that I ordered a pair of my favorite flip flops from Reef yesterday. Just got an email that they have shipped. 


And now I'm back with another edit to say I see my Laura Geller stuff arrived in my town's Post Office at 5:56am this morning....and as of 7:28am was en route to a different town north of me. Hhhmmmm





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I have started ordering more from Amazon and other Companies because of the shipping here. I have nothing on order from QVC right now with would be a rare thing a couple months ago.....


No one else is having these issues that I am ordering from.....

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 Agree! I have an item that was ordered 2 weeks ago and not arrived yet.   I could understand if it other sites I order from were doiing the same.. But I have gotten  whatever I order in a timely manner.   And I finding myself shopping more local now.


 There is every reason not to order from  here.  The cost of shipping and possible returns. I can usually get free shipping and returns on most items from other companies.

  Items going from  in process, to backorder to preparing your order.. What the hack is that about?

 For now I am hold ordering anything from here if i can find the same or similar elsewhere.  Even if means paying a little more.


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Join the club. I got a 86.00 Isaac jacket that has been processing since the 4th. 5 days and counting.


Wish I knew somebody that worked there we could learn if it's because of understaffing, people getting paid more to stay home now?


All the stimulus checks and unemployment extras should have run out by now. Other companies aren't this bad. Old equipment breaking down and not being replaced by new ?  Some kind of internal trouble going on.

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@SharkE   Unemployment Insurance supplement lasts until September but I don't think lack of staff is the problem.  Heavens knows there are enough threads on the subject here if someone really wants the answer, several yesterday. 

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Personallly I'd like to keep QVC in business, so I've been more tolerant of foulups that happened during the pandemic.  I have several online sources, but QVC remains my favorite, both to watch and to order from.

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It's not only QVC.


Prime has been 3-5 days consistently.


Walmart 2 day has been a week...same with Target.  At least a week. ...placed an order for 'in stock'....over 1 week and it still hasn't shipped.

NO info, no est. delivery or ship date...nothing!  Says 'In Stock' 'Not Shipped'

It's a birthday gift for my son.

They have a recording on their CS line...will only take emails.  Can't even leave a message.

Emailed and I get a PRE-printed generic response. 


At least at Q, I have the moderators who help and C/S phone has been fine for me as well.  I may not get shipping/processing issues resolved, but at least I get to speak to a LIVE person!

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Hi @stellabystarlight I checked your orders and sent you an email.

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No offence, but I hope your efforts to keep this company in business fails, for the sake of all of us. Go shopping on HSN.