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I disagree with others on one point: QVC charges shipping & HANDLING fees. If they are going to put multiple orders in one box, I think they should continue to charge the handling fee but charge the shipping fee on just one item. 

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A) that would be a bookkeeping nightmare and at the time the order is placed they may not know if things are going to ship together, not to mention when each item you add to the package increases the weight of the package thus, the cost goes up.


Again, QVC  hid none of this so I am kind of outraged that this original poster is outraged.

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Thank you all.  I have been sufficiently berated.  My point was that QVC now has the ability to group packages when ordered on the same day.  They also use that new-fangled thing called a computer that can be programmed to adjust the shipping charges at packing time.  It is something they could work on for the customer’s benefit.  They did just build that big warehouse that was going to give them better shipping capabilities.  Right?


But hey, no problem with y’all not seeing my point.  You all are entitled to your opinion as I was with mine.  I just don’t remember attacking all of you.