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Saved for later items

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Who and why are there ALWAYS "Saved for later" items in my cart???? 


I don't put them there???


Who is digging up old stuff and doing that?


Started when   this awful new checkout began      Smiley Sad



(Not asking for help,just making a comment)

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@MalteseMommaNothing shows in my cart ---which is exactly what I put there:  nothing.


Haven't seen another complaint of this -  most cart complaints are that items disappear, not that they get added.


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I have the same comment! I just deleted the old items that they put into my saved items, recently! Is there no QC of these new changes prior to implementation??

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Had the same issue but found an X on th eupper right of each item and deleted them. I think they were all things I had searched at one time.

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My "saved for later" items that I really wanted to save were gone.  They were replaced by things that I may have saved years ago and some things in my wish list.  Grrrr.

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Yes, the new and improved cart experience is showing one item in my cart. Who knows what it is. When I click to view my cart just to see, it disappears and the number of items in my cart reflects the 0 that it should.. Next time, the 1 is back... See, it's all part of yet another 'upgrade' to the customer experience...

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When anything stays in my cart for over an hour, it goes into my save for later, and I prefer that because all I have to do when I´m ready to buy it, is transfer it to the cart. Save for later is on the same page where you find the cart.


I love the new check out. It´s so much quicker than the old one and easier.