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Cart saved items have changes so that I can no longer remove items from my cart that have sold out.   Please change back to previous format. 



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Yes, the same thing for me. Can't figure out a way to remove them. How dumb is that??? Woman Frustrated

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@avid shopper 


The same thing is happening to me!


However, if I use my phone, I can delete the sold out item.  I just can't do it on my desktop.  It's completely ridiculous, but just add it to the list of the many glitches on this site. 

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@Grade1Teach Thanks!  Went to my tablet and was able to delete.

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I accidentally put something in my cart the other day.  I wasn't able to delete it from my cart, but I was able to delete it once I went to checkout.

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Re: Saved

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure at least some of the technical glitches that have been popping up from time to time over the past few weeks were because QVC was making useless cosmetic changes to the website instead of doing helpful updates like fixing search functionality or improving product listings. But hey, now we have special buttons instead of plain links in our carts and in the "My Account" section so things look new and fancy. And some items now feature squares instead of circles to click for color and pattern options. Oooohhh! Sigh.