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Re: SERIOUS issues with QVC shipping & returns, does the company not care?

@deebim Customers have heard the array of excuses over the past years. I thought the  months of warehouse changes and distribution centers would be over  and it would be normal again. Then come the Holidays and overwhelmed inefficient cost cutting carriers. Along comes a year of Covid and related delays and increased orders and now ships stuck in port and trucks not moving. There is always a new excuse. I recall the days when  Hosts used to say 7 to 10 days customers receive their orders. Those days are  gone for most items. No cancelling either. Tracking may or not be available.


I know the labor shortage has to be  affecting nearly all retail and customer service. There probably isn't enough help to process orders, so backed up.


I have avoided ordering some things as summer will be half over by the time I'd receive them. I haven't  had to return much so havent had those hassles.