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Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

I received a completely different item than I ordered.

Customer service said they can't send me a return label because it's a final sale item. The enclosed label says to contact customer service in case of return only for QVC errors.

Customer service said I should pay for the return, get a receipt, and submit the receipt through their finance office for a refund of the return shipping charges. I said that's ridiculous, I'm not doing that. She said my other choice is to take the package back to post office and refuse it.
I know post office won't do that because it's open.

I may just keep the wrong item (they are sending replacement) and see what happens.

Who in their management team thinks this is appropriate customer service????????

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

I don't blame you, if they question say I don't know I sent it back.

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

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I've said it before and I will say it is very important (to me) to use a credit card that has MY back. 


I am a long-time customer of Discover and if I have a problem with any charge, I simply dispute it and Discover will step in on my behalf. 


In this case, I would tell Customer Service I refuse to comply with their ridiculous requirements and they will be hearing from my credit card company. 

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

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This is so typical of experiences I had with QVC.


They expect customers to fix their errors.  Imagine, they make the error, but act like customers are responsible.  


They should have told you QVC will refund you in full, you keep the mistake package or give it to someone.  Then send you what you ordered.  


That is how retailers keep customers.  

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service


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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

@carlycat   One question, are you being charged for the replacement?  If not, you have no complaint.


I agree, the solution offered would not make me happy either.  Suggest you contact the social team, including the order # to see if they can help. 

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

Last month I bought a small lamp from a third party vendor in China/order fulfilled by Walmart. It arrived in three days DOA.


I started a return online but was told I needed to contact the vendor directly. They responded promptly and said I needed to make a video demonstrating the problem and send it to them.


A lamp that doesn't work always looks exactly the same. I wasn't going to record myself plugging it in, screwing in a bulb, and then turning it on with no result. This is not the academy awards of dead appliance demos. 


I called Walmart customer service and they agreed. I immediately got a refund and they told me to throw out the lamp.



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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

I got someone's order last year which they said to send back. 

They wouldn't give me a credit on my order that never came until I sent back the item that was wrong. Too bad it was 3 sizes too big!

Give me a break! It's not my fault they messed up! 

What if the person that gets mine doesn't send it back and keeps it!

You buy food and don't like it you get a refund right away! Why make such a big deal of their mistakes when they could keep a good customer.

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service



I too ordered something from Walmart that was a 3rd party company. My mistake on not reading more about it, but I needed to so I ordered it. It didn't fit. It was shorts & tshirt (men's) big & tall. They were nowhere even close the the sizes or inseam so they had to go back. I was told the same, I had to contact the vendor. They wanted me to videotape my husband wearing them so I could then send them back but not for a replacement, they wanted to add material to where we had him hold his hands for length. I was so shocked by thier response & what they deemed a repair. Oh almost forgot, I would be paying shipping there and back 😳 

I videotaped him throwing into the trash, sent them that and posted on the review page...

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Re: Ridiculous QVC mistake and service

@Irmasdc @PickyPicky3  Whenever I purchase something online from Walmart through a 3rd party, I check and make sure it says that I can return via mail, or to a store.  I've never had a problem just returning it to the store.  At the Walmart return desk, they told me that I would get the credit once the vendor receives the package back, but I actually received credit the next day, so I know they processed the credit sooner and probably once it was picked up from Walmart and on its way back.


If I can't return to a store, I don't buy it, it's not worth the hassle and expecially now reading they would want me to videotape why I was sending it thanks. 

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