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Why can't I review products? When I attempt to review a product I get a red X on the screen. This keeps negative reviews to a minimum. 

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I could read reviews on my iPhone but I could not on my Mac. One day I had a bright idea I restarted my Mac and suddenly I'm seeing reviews.  Of course I do not have this problem with any other website except QVC. 

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@Olin47 I am also seeing X when I tried to review a product.

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I have had the same issue...I went to CHROME and I could see the review for the product I wanted....but I generally do not use CHROME.

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Do reviews become closed for a product? I was trying to review Tova Nights but could not do so. Tova Nights has absolutely zero smell, at least the bottle I received, but I cannot see a place to put a review. Thanks.