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Why is it so hard to find the reviews.? The reviews used to be at the bottom of the page showing the garments..under the measurements..Now I have to go hunting and hunting.. QVC needs to fix this .. I find I am getting more and more frustrated with QVC between sizing being off and cannot find the reviews..and shipping !! and returns!!!Something needs to be done 


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Below are options to try. 


At the upper left hand side of the item's page below the title, click on "Read Reviews."  The page should flip to the reviews. 


Click ratings number.


Refresh the page. 


Logout, login.  


Try later.


If nothing works, you're on your own.  

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The change needs to be on your end.  Not all web sites work well on all browsers and operating systems.


Switch browsers.


I can see all the reviews all the time on my desk top, phone and kindle.  Fire Fox, Explorer, and Silk (whatever that is on my amz Kindle)


It is a comment problem with iphone and ipad users.

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I just decided that if I can't see the reviews, then I don't order!!!  Until they fix it, or unhide them,,,that's it!