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Re: Reviews on items not even produced yet?

@DJs mom 


Well, as of this moment, this now has 8 reviews for an average of 3.4 for an item that is 4-5 months away from getting into anyone's hands!...


2 - 5 stars

2 - 4 stars

1 - 3 stars

3 - 2 stars


Unbelievable.  Yet post something on these forums that may be political, controversial or any number of any other reasons and a mod can jump right in and remove the post.  But a mod cannot read this thread and refer it to the attention of whomever handles product reviews?

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Re: Reviews on items not even produced yet?

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@World Traveler wrote:

It is not unusual to see things have reviews that have not been published yet, particularly books. Advance copies are sent out to various press people and/or friends that are known in the industry. 


I recall Author James Patterson was interviewed about one of his books (this was years ago), and he mentioned a celebrity who received an advance copy/manuscript in order to get his review to be published on the inside cover.


I have ordered in advance Amazon books where you could read the reviews of those who received it ahead of time, before it was published, so their thoughts on the book could be included. But the book wouldn't be available for a couple of months.


Even David has mentioned getting some food items shipped to his home in advance so he can try it and comment knowledgeably, a "new item."


@World Traveler  But that's not this case at all.  These are not reviews.  Those posters have not received David's cookbook. Even if they did, David showed the inside of the book because he said there is nothing inside yet but blank pages.   



Conversely, there a many 1-star reviews for the book because people have not gotten their link for the extra content on Facebook that David talked about.  



Instances like this are a long running shame that QVC has allowed for years.  It's rampant on a lot of products.  That's why I give no credibility to QVC's "Customer Top Rated" tag on some items, just to get people to buy something that's supposedly favorably popular.  Or the reviews run down ratings because people are upset about something but refuse to just contact QVC with their issues, since they obviously are not reviewing the actual product.



QVC could fix the problem if they wanted to -- but they don't.