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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

Items on Blowout Clearance are no longer accepted returns!  So next question is...what's a blowout clearance?  You won't know unless you scroll ALL the way down the page.

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

I didn't know this either...

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

I remember this same conversation a few years ago. QVC offered NO returns on deep discount clearance items. I remember people had ordered some Lina t-shirts for $5 or something like that. No return allowed and many said that was fine as they would simply donate it if it didn't fit (or something like that). MANY loved the prices and there weren't many issues. 


Should they label it or place them all in ONE place so everyone knows as soon as they see it? Yes. HSN does this. Great way to organize it, IMHO.

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

I returned a purchase today that cost 35.00 that didn't have a return sticker,had to mail myself to the tune of 14.29! That was snail mail. Called about the return for postage for the defective product had to copy reciept send to financial dept. Wish they would have had sticker!  Called to copy sticker for post office and the recipe was a one way sticker. The receipt for the inside but none for the outside of box?

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

It's not a new policy.


I don't know how old it is, but I can attest to it being at least 3 years old.  I purchased a few "blow out clearance items" for my cruise a few years ago, and once I placed them in my cart, a message about No Returns explained it all.  

These are not regular Clearance items, they are for what QVC deems the bottom price clearance for items they really need to move out. 

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

@Kachina624 wrote:

You clearly copied the stated policy on this special merchandise, so what's your question?  Obviously a few things are not returnable. 

Her question was "Is this new?" Geesh.

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Re: Returns Eligible Merchandise?

@Buster56    Here's a typical item description.  Is the return policy clear enough for you? 



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