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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

I order alot of QVC and yes I check the measurement chart always before I purchase but a lot of times the measurements are off,..and I am not keeping something that doesn't measure as stated .


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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

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@DJs mom I've been around QVC long enough to know that! But decided to return the entire mess of stuff since I wasn't completely happy with Issac's 80% pima/20% cotton fabric, as well as the crazy sizing. Yes, I did check the sizing chart. Isaac's items vary more than any other brand I've tried on the Q over decades. 

I'm able to purchase great quality 100% pima tees and tops at VonMaur which are never longer than 26" and always fit me perfectly. Don't know why I lost my head and tried Isaac's line, but now I know to stay with LL Bean (already own all their styles and colors available) or vonMaur for quality, accurate sizing, attractive colors, classic styles, and fabulous prices! 


ETA: LL Bean ships free with a specific order limit which I always go way over! And, best of all, their items arrived within a few days. Imagine that from a large on-line retailer? It does happen with great customer service, as well. They know what it takes to be in business for the long-haul and it shows with their clientele.  


QVC has no excuse for their low quality, inconsistant sizing, hosts who are not prepared with information of the product, poor customer service, high S&H, SLOW shipping and returns, lack of immediate credits. It's not the way to run a profitable and successful business.                    

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

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I just purchase Isaac's TSV's. It's only the second time I've ordered anything from Isaac, but the sizing was huge. Didn't match the Sizing Chart at all. Since I ordered three sets, I'll be charged a hefty return because the smaller (actually most sizes) are already SOLD OUT.
There isn't going to be anyway for QVC to exchange them; thus, I'm left holding the cost of the return S&H for someone's poor Quality Control on the sizing. Have a feeling that happens a lot more than QVC admits. Yet it I had sized down and the tees had been laundered and shrunk, I'd be completely out of everything and unable to return any of them. Caught between an rock and a hard spot with their crazy sizing even when I had ordered from Isaac a few weeks ago. Go figure. 

I will pack them into one package or box and mail them USPS, which will be less expensive (even with the recent increased in postage) than if I had to pay QVC's individual return S&H on each label and wait forever for them to credit my account!
How annoying to have QVC use my money while they mess around for weeks on end both when the order is "in process" and while it's being returned via some crazy slow-boat agreement (to have packages sit until Thursday's in our City) with the post office across the USA. Then, load 'em all up and ship 'em all out at once so QVC's Shipping Dept. won't be able to log them in as soon as they arrive! Does that make any sense??? NOPE. 

@BirkiLady if you send an item back for exchange and the size you want is sold out you ARE NOT charged shipping or return shipping. You will get a full refund of your money. Just check your statement and if they charge you return shipping, then call CS and ask for it to be refunded. This is stated in the free exchange policy.

@DJs mom , @BirkiLady , this happened to me twice.  Sent 2 items back for an exchange of a different size.  Both of them were no longer available and I got charged for the 6.95 on each of them.  I contacted CS and am still waiting to see those charges be credited to my account and that was well over a week ago.  They're quick to charge your cc, but it seems to take quite a long time to see a credit, especially when they should not have charged it.  


I wonder how many times this happens to people, especially is they don't keep a watch on their cc charges.  

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

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While I don't question the validity of your returns, my suggestion is to stop ordering from them. I rarely return anything so it works for me. Also, I buy about twenty items a year and consider my purchases carefully.

well whopi do to you. your missing the concept of her statement

@Willomenia,, I don't even know what you are saying. What a ridiculous post, totally makes no sense.  

My point exactly! 

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

I agree with you.

This same thing happened to me many years ago, they froze my account over it. What I realized from that was that I really didn't need to shop with QVC as much as I thought I did.

Over the ensuing years, I have bought very, very little from QVC. There are just too many other shopping options (online and in person) that offer really free returns and exchanges, lower or no cost shipping, must faster shipping, and better prices for the same item offered at QVC. "Free" returns at QVC doesn't cover if you just don't like the item for whatever reason, they deduct shipping from your refund. For instance, I recently bought the TSV suede clog. Ordered it 9/10/21. Shipping is still "in progress", estimated delivery 10/5/21---almost a month after the order was placed.! And who knows if I will like it or if it fits, etc. when it comes .I should have known better.


Try to look at those letters as an indication that maybe you really don't need to do business with QVC as much as you have been doing. There are so many other options to purchase from businesses that appreciate you and don't send arrogant and demeaning letters.

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

I think that the problem that OP is dealing with is stated  in the second sentence. "I buy a lot, I return a lot."  The solution is to stop buying a lot and then you won't have to return a lot. I have no idea how much a lot is because she doesn't say. I would add up how much I spent on clothes during this period and how much the S&H costs were  to send and return. It may be a real eye opener.  And then I would say do I honestly need all of these clothes? Where am I going to wear them? Maybe look at the "snide" letter as a gentle nudge  to curb the desire to shop. That is the only way to solve the problem. 

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

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I do order a far amount from the three main  shopping channels. I might return one item for every 20 items I buy. My most recent return was a pair of shoes to QVC. Before that two items of clothing. I should know better than to buy shoes or clothing on QVC....but I was hopeful they would work out.  I mostly stick to cosmetics etc. I have better luck being happy with my purchase.  To get THE NASTY LETTER you  must return an awful lot of things. 

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Re: Returning items With No Nasty Letters from QVC Saying I Buy/Return too Much

They have been sending that letter for years.  I don't remember seeing many posts about it lately, but back before they made the big change in the boards it was a regular topic.  


I hate sending things back, so consequently I rarely buy clothing online.  But, I have seen here where people buy multiple sizes and and send back what doesn't fit.  I guess many do the same thing on B&M online sites too, but I won't do that.  Luckily, I can buy shoes online and pretty much be sure of a good fit. 


Clothing prices at the Q are generally more than I want to spend anyways especially when you add in tax & s/h.  I did take a chance recently on some Marla Wynne (HSN) pants only because I just can't find decent pants in the store. They were pricier than I would like and I had to spend another $10 to hem them, but I am happy with them and the fabric is very nice so I don't feel so bad about spendng so much on them.  


If I was sendng a lot of stuff back, I wouldn't shop here.  Maybe the letter should be an impetus to change where you shop instead of getting mad at them.  I wouldn't want to continue eating all that return shipping.  


Also, when you go in a B&M store and try on all the sizes, those clothes that you choose not to buy go right back out on the rack.  They can't do that with returned mdse at QVC.  If it doesn't come in the original packaging, customers would be complaining like crazy about having received used clothing.  Skin care and cosmetics are a total loss for them.