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Lately when I have to print a return label, as none were included with my order, I am only getting a label that is for UPS only.  The labels used to be for both so you would have a choice.  returning via UPS is totally out of my way and a real inconvenience.  Why are we not given the choice of returning via the Post Office??

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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

You could send the package through the USPS (post office) without using a prepaid or printed label.


Just because the online label only works for UPS doesn't mean you have no choice and can't use the post office for returns.


Prepare the merchandise to ship, attach a label of your own making made out with the proper return address to QVC and pay the postage with a tracking number. The rest is up to USPS to get it to a QVC agent who handles it for them. if you put in any kind of packing slip to identify the returned order as to how it relates to your account, you'll be credited. 

You do have choices. Just not a prepaid label to print. Go take your returns where it is most convenient. 

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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

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Can't answer about printed labels from the website. All orders I receive have labels in the box.  


Did you receive the packages directly from UPS?  Were they large and/or heavy?


USPS has size and weight limits.  I just returned one received by UPS, return label only good for UPS.  The box was 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide.  


All other labels I receive are marked USPS Returns Service.  



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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

@lovesallanimals - I've experienced this recently as well for larger items sent directly from a vendor, such as an Ebenezer & Co. wreath. I think the overall shipping rates for big packages are much better through UPS, so that is likely the reason for the difference. You can go on the UPS website and request a pickup, but there may be a charge for this service (I haven't tried it with a QVC return label, but returns through some other vendors have had a minimal charge—you'll see it listed, if applicable, before you complete the request process):

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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

I waited in post office line for 35 minutes today to do my QVC returns to get receipt.


Finally, my turn gave boxes to clerk -- surprise the return labels were for UPS🙄🤦‍♀️.  I haven't had a choice it's always the "smart label" USPS I didn't notice these labels were different.


Tomorrow I'll take them to UPS.  I wonder since so many complaints about USPS long return times they switched to UPS.



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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

I think QVC is deliberately not adding the return label to cut down on returns.  I had to contact Customer Service to get the return address because of no label, no printer and under the Start a Return Other came up empty.  She also told me to make sure I put my name/order#/reason/how to get refund was put into the box.   I use a mail store because they handle USPS/UPS/FedEx.  It cost me $3 more but it was sent priority and I can track the package unlike that Smart Ship.

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Re: Return Label only via UPS??

I just printed one out and it was for USPS only.


Maybe it depends on the items being returned.🤷‍♀️