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I need to return an item that didn't have a return label, I went to the order status page and did start return like I normally do but this time when I print it, I get the first page that goes inside the box but the second page where I normally get the label stays 'To return this item use the Return Your Way Label or vist Order Status, Select Your order to print a Q return label".  I assume this is just a glitch, has anyone else had this issue? I want to use a prepaid label and not return and pay myself. Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Return Label Not Working



It has happened to me as well.


You could contact CS or the moderators and ask to have one emailed to you, however, when I did...they couldn't see it either.


I just kept trying...and I think the next day....the label appeared and I could print it.


I never fill out the return info....just keep hitting continue.


Any time I have typed in the doesn't work.

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Re: Return Label Not Working

Yes, twice in a week. There is a glitch in their system. Maybe they don't want us returning items. Like that will make a difference. 🤷‍♀️

I wish they would fix it, as it would leave more time for the customer service reps to attend to other customers. It's a very annoying process to have to call to get a label emailed. 

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Re: Return Label Not Working

Yes, I had the same issue on two items on wanted to send back for an exchange.  I'm wondering if QVC is making it more difficult to return/exchange an item with the mindset that the customer will just give up.  They have also been processing my exchanges as returns and charging me S&H.  It seems I have to be very vigilant and do my follow-ups with QVC to make sure they process my orders correctly. I'm about to forget ordering from this company.  


You would think that such a large corporation would have the correct processes in place!

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Re: Return Label Not Working

it happened to me also.........and i needed to return a WRONG size item that was sent to me....i had to set up the whole package with my own return label etc...then later in  

the day i received another QVC clothing item which was

totally NOT the item i ordered so had to try the procedure on my computer again and it DID work on the second

package redid the 1st package info and finally got the copy of the return label...crazy

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Re: Return Label Not Working

Same here.  When I go to print a return label, I will add comments and then print does not work well.  Leave out the comments and just print.  This way you get the shipping label and the return info.