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Return Charges - This does not seem right!

Just learned that if you order multiple items and they send them altogether or combine orders in one box.  If you send them back IN THE SAME BOX. You will get charged a return fee for each item. Also, will you be charged a return fee if you ship it back and do not use their label? Is this something new??


So they can combine orders and put multiple items in a box, but, when we send them back we get charged each item's shipping fee for the return. 


I asked if I use my own postage: The CS rep said I would still get charged the shipping for each item back.

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Re: Return Charges - This does not seem right!

it should not be that way.....


contact to adjust and refund your return fees if they did that to you.

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Re: Return Charges - This does not seem right!

I'm not sure but I think what she may have meant is that the original shipping charge will not be included in the refund for the return.


but if you use your own label (which often with the post office nowadays is more expensive than QVC's $6.95 label) they will not charge for the return shipping. If they do, just call them and let them know it should not be charged since you paid for your own label.


Anytime I've returned something on my own label with them, I unfortunately had to call to let them know they shouldn't have charged me the $6.95.


I know some people have said they have gotten multiple items from QVC in one box, but I have never. It's always one item in one box or package. 

But maybe that's because I usually only order one thing at a time.


Anyway @NO RETURNS, hope I wasn't too confusing.

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Re: Return Charges - This does not seem right!

This is a little off topic but I don't feel I  should have to follow up on my return charges when attention is not paid to reason why returned.  It seems like return people just slide them through not paying attention. I have oddly received three obviously defective items in the past month? I don't know if  that is a coincidence? I rarely  need to return items.


I also really miss the reclosable bags they used to send clothing in. I have used bags from other on line stores that are easier that can be easily resealed. At least they stopped  using the Q logo on them like years ago.


Charging for a return fee for an item you did not return but used the same box is absurd. I am beginning to think it is  all wanting to make money. Alot of customers must not pay attention? Returns take along time to go through as it is. Maybe trying to deter people from returning? Great Customer Service.


I called HSN  yesterday as wanted a size exchange for shoes and she said she would WAVE the return shipping for me? I told her it was" Free Exchanges" and not my fault sold out in every color in my smaller requested size. I have trouble with EU sizing. That was also strange. Another charge the customer ploy to make money.


BTW.  Welcome to the boards NO RETURNS.Smiley Happy