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i have been unable to see my wish list for over 24 hours. so i can't take advantage of todays easy pay offer. can someone please restore it for me. is this happening to others too?  

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yes  , and I am saving a ton as  I cannot see items to order .

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this is the 2nd day I am unable to see all of the items I had on my wish list. I guess the Q really isn't interested in me buying anything from them

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This is Day 2 for me too - Wish List gone except for 1 item - a note that says they are trying to restore my Wish List but I wonder in this day of computers if it should be taking more that 2 days to restore it - last week my Order Status pages and Wish List were both missing and I was told I never had any orders or wish list items. Not true because I have been a QVC shopper for several years and place orders on a regular basis off of my wish list items. Now this mess. I am not happy with QVC and am concerned with these ongoing problems. What next I am afraid to ask.

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But oh well, they're 'working on it'...



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