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Lug Handbag was defective and this is what I get as a refund?

Order Summary

Shipping & Handling:$5.50
Order Total:$50.57
Refund Issued:$38.12
@Beth Mod if possible. Could you look into this? I would appreciate it as my emails just get kicked back with working on getting things returned. The return label charge was also $6.95 return fee.
Mine has been back 14 days and I just checked to see on my account if credited. I am not happy as it was not my fault it was defective.
I never have been charged anything like this for a return that was defective.
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@MKR14  It appears as though you were charged shipping both coming and going. My understanding is that you didn't have to pay shipping for a defective item. Anxious to hear what the mods say. PS: I've had good results from customer service when I email. 

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@pattypeep @Thanks. I have emailed several times and just get an auto reply. Forget getting through the phones as there is about a half hour wait. I tried that too.

It is frustrating for all but at least the refund could have been correct when the slip got back with defective on it.


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did you send your issues to

they are usually quick to respond.


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A big THANK YOU to Melvin at CS. He gave me the shipping both ways back and sent a nice email with the explanation that he fixed it. I have seen here that he has helped others in the past also.

Hats off to those who take their job seriously to help people.

I know how hard it is right now for everyone and that is why I waited over 14 because I got so upset.

I did send an email to the QVC I should have not emailed CS and will do this from now on.

I hope everyone gets the same results as I did.

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When having an issue I have been fortunate to talk with Melvin. He is extremely patience, courtious and helpful. He should be the monitor to teach others common courtesy when answering customers. He is really the Best. !!!!!!!