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I just got my L'Artiste boots and love them so decided to write a review in case it might be useful to someone else.


After filling in the five stars, it automatically filled in my info then jumped to nothingness. Went back and tried again with same result.


Is anyone else having trouble leaving reviews?

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I had that happen to me too.  The usual advice is to try another browser.  That didn't help.  I just kept trying and was able to do so a few days later.

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@eddyandme. Iv3 found the best way to access writing reviews is to go to order status, click view order, you'll see 3 options on left side, click on write review and you'll be taken to the review format.  There is a pause between some of the screens but it's not long.

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I agree!!!    New tactic for QVC so they make it difficult and then no one will write bad reviews????      Sick of this.


I don't have a "video" or other URL or picture to post for my reviews!