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I'm in the same boat.  One item received damaged, downloaded label for updated return since fire.  Got email saying on it's way.  Returned 2 other orders, 1/24 using their labels.  Dropped at Post Office, says was picked up by carrier.  I called customer service on 1/31 to ensure they knew items mailed before return deadline, was advised I needed to be patient.  I'm done being patient!  Hoping qvcsocial does more than offer platitudes.


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@PamfromCT After I had the similar experiences so often, between August & December, I made the same commitment for this year. Sadly, they have made some changes in Quality Control (one Customer Care Specialist I spoke to said something about "Automation"?) Since January I have received Countless items that I was really waiting for ( am losing weight & ordered items that I already own & am happy with in smaller sizes) & what I have received has Blown My Mind!!! I can't even count how many items are the right bags, but have the wrong size or item inside!!! When this Rarely happened in the past decade or so, I chalked it up to a bad return that slipped through QC, but This???? The most Blatent case, was the last Susan Graver TSV! I received the items within days, so there was no time to blame a customer return gone wrong.... The outside of the bags said one thing (the correct items I ordered) but Inside was The Wrong Color or Size!! Even got some Petites when all I Ever ordered was Regular!!


I just got more of these type of items from Kim Graver today. Right bags, but wrong items inside!! I do not have the time to be returning all these items & I am so dissappointed not to have received the items I was hoping for. I told the nice 
CS lady I spoke with, that obviously there have been some sort of changes in Quality Control & whatever they are... they are Not Working!! Therefore I am extremely hesitant about ordering in the future! Smiley Sad


This doesn't even count the items I recived for Other People in other parts of the country with My address & info on the bags & boxes!? I called CS about each of these & I will return the items to QVC with the shipping label inside. But they said I didn't have to do that, but of course I will!! But I don't need this extra work! Call me Extremely Sad!!