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Does anyone know if there are any "set" hours QVC2 is live? Looking at my Comcast Guide it is impossible to tell if anything is live.

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@QPrincess - Right now, the answer is no—occasionally there will be a few hours in a row when Q2 has live programming (often on Saturday afternoons during this past month), but it is not at all consistent. For example, I don't think there has been anything live on Q2 this week. If you're willing to take the time, scrolling through the daily program guide here on will allow you to see if a host's face appears with any of the programs in the Q2 line on the grid, which indicates that the show is live. But even with that approach, there have been times when the guide hasn't been updated on days with a few hours of live shows.


Hopefully, they'll come up with a more regular schedule soon, and REALLY hopefully, they'll stop having shows hosted only by vendors. Although those shows can be fun and at times don't need yet one more voice talking over the others, since they're not in the studio or with professional camera operators, you just don't get the level of detail or closeups that are necessary in the product demonstrations, especially with new items.


Happy watching!  Smiley Happy