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QVC causing me stress!

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We are having a family party on Memorial Day weekend for my grandsons who are both graduating.  I ordered 2 sets of Momma Mancini sausages and peppers which were supposed to be delivered by May 21.  I received an e-mail saying the order had been delayed so I waited a few more days.  When I saw it still wasn't moving I cancelled it.  The order page still said "in process" the next day so I called customer service.  The rep was very nice . She  said the cancellation had "gotten stuck" and she would make sure the cancellation went through.  Well the next day (today) it still says "In process".  The party is soon and I have to order the food from a local restaurant since I don't know what QVC is doing. (I probably should have ordered from the local restaurant in the first place.) If the 2 orders do ship  I don't have any use for them since the party will be over by then.  I would have to ask for my money back since it is quite a bit of money and I still have to pay the local restaurant.  I can't afford both!  I don't like to ask for money back on food since they don't want the food sent back, but as I said I can't afford both QVC and the local restaurant.  If they would only post that the order has been cancelled I could not be so stressed.  I have so many orders that still have not shipped it is ridculous!!

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I am having the sme problem with 2 backordered items!



This company is turning ino a huge mess for many of it's  customers!!!!

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Qvc has turned into a real mess.  I ordered two pair of pants and they have been preparing my order for 12 days.  I ordered a mop and it was shipped within two days.  I know different things come from different places.  The pants were not the same brand or type so I don't understand what is going on.  You should be able to cancel things up until they are ready for shipment. 

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Okay I just spoke to the second Customer Rep.  I explained the problem and she said she would cancel the order for me.  (So did the rep I spoke to yesterday.)  BUT the order page still says "in process".  Now I am not only stressed, but also angry!  I am starting to think I won't feel bad about asking for a refund if the order shows up next week after the party when I can't use it !!!!

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Contact the QVC Social Team and ask them to verify cancellation of your order.  You don't need this stress!

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For situations like this, always send an email, never over the phone.  That way, if the order does end up at your door, even after the rep said it was cancelled, you will not be charged and get your entire payment back.  

it's still a hassle, I know.  But the customer service reps are fantastic, and can only do what their systems allow them to do.  Food items come from the food company, not QVC's own warehouse, so it can get messy dealing with cancellations and inventory.


Good luck.

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I understand your stress, disappointment and aggravation.  The lesson here would be do not mail order food for a specific date & occasion, get it local.  IMO its too much of a risk.


I hope all turns out well for your family.

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Hi @daisy4 I am so sorry this is happening. I see order canceled in the comments on your account, but not on the order itself. I will forward the issue to be researched to make sure it is canceled. If it does ship do not worry, the comments show you tried to cancel and there was some kind of glitch. 

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Our local restaurants need our business.  You simply cannot rely on any order to be received on time anymore.  Just reality. 

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Don't order  End of stress

I don't think its just QVC problems with ANY ordering