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Just wanted to say how helpful the QVC Social Team is to resolve problems.  I sent a request and the issue was taken care of in minutes.  Thank you Susan.  I appreciate your quick response.  

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Yes!! You're 100% correct. Last week I emailed the social team with an issue. In no time Melvin worked it out for me. They're awesome!!

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YES! YES! YES!   They are wonderful!!!

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I agree and I think we're lucky to have them available to help.  I hope QVC really appreciates the work they do, not only in resolving customer issues, but in moderating these boards.

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QVC Social Team ROCKS!!!

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I'm so have the social team as a resource. ❤ They have helped me so much over the years, promptly and politely.


Huge thanks to  @Susan-QVC  today for reassuring me about some returns I was worried about and being so willing to help in case of any snafu. Great customer service that I so appreciate.  👍 


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Now if QVC can get their other departments anywhere near this level of service . . . 

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yes I'm so happy we have them !!!   Always helpful and always with a quick reply!    I hope the Q realizes just how great they are and how we count on them for our many issues .   They have helped me out so many times!


Thank You , Thank You to  all of you at QVC Social Team we appreciate you 👍🏻👏