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Dear Customer Care, I returned 2 bracelets J354679 defective clasps.  Warehouse received June 15th - Florence SC Warehouse. When can I see my return refunded back on my credit card.  I have re ordered 3 bracelets J354568.  The reviews on this Diamonique Bracelet are much better.  Thank you bn.

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Believe returns are really being processed slowly; I had to e mail customer service on mine; got credit howev it doesn't show returned on my account; thintk they don't have the proper employees handling returns properly and shouldn't be a 10 day delay to process on your credit card; doesn't happen with other companies!


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What irks me concerning the very slow return processing for credit on a credit card is when it is not done by the end of the billing cycle for the charge card and the consumer has to pay interest on the full amount of the item on their bill  that was originally charged because the credit was not done on time.  Returns done to insure it would be credited on the billing cycle for that month and the failure of QVC to process the credit on the charge card cost the consumer money on top of the return fee. Even if you pay the credit card in full every month when the credit is not done you pay the interest.

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@Beth N I reviewed your orders and I see a representative has already completed the returns per your request. Refunds were issued and if I can be of further assistance, please let me know.