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I placed an order on 9/12.  When I look into my account within my orders, it says still "in process" but with a 9/18 delivery  How can it still be in process and expect delivery today?  There has been no email/notification that it has ever been shipped and no shipping information available.

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I had a lot of issues with orders and returns.  Online did not give me any information.  Calling customer service was the answer for me even though I hate the phone and the annoying prompts!  Anyway, all the cs personnel were thorough, patient, courteous and solved all my issues. 

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@ScrapHappy If calling doesn't work, send an email to:


They are extremely helpful and will get back to you pretty quickly.

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Hi @ScrapHappy it looks like this was your last order. We will be happy to look into this for you.

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Hi @ScrapHappy I reached out to the warehouse and your order will be shipping today.