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My wife is not a "digital" person. She depends entirely upon printouts of your program guides for her viewing and shopping each month. Unfortunately, printing your program guides is a real mess under the best circumstances (having to scroll through each channel, week by week, printing page by page).


The June 2021 program guide, however, is a special mess, even worse than usual. The last three hours of the day don't print at all, even though they appear on the print screen. I've had to go through each one manually, week by week, channel by channel, do screen captures, and print the 9-11 pm time slots individually to make up for the missing information.


Your "Print program guide" option only prints one week of QVC 1, and that's it.


Why can't you set it up like HSN, where "print the program guide" actually gives you a nice layout of the entire program guide for the month? Do that for each channel, and I'll be a much happier person.



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I find that I'm often unable to access parts of the program guide and as a whole, it's difficult to manipulate and use.  I rarely bother with it, especially since I don't care if I see most shows or not.  It's not worth the trouble. 

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