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@adiebaby I responded to your email.

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I tried that once a couple of years ago when something went on clearance right after I bought it. I got the same answer. Stores do it, but QVC does not. 

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OK Ladies here's the update, Wayne-QVC emailed me with great news, my charge card was credited with the difference. How is that for awesome! Thanks again friends for your help with my issue. This whole thing really restores my faith in people doing the right thing and its just good business. The lesson for me is if you feel you have a valid issue persue it. 

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Great news! 

Keep the email address in case you may have any other questions.

The moderators do a great job in helping the customers.


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Does Q have a policy for such situations or does it just depend?

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Re: Price Matching?

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I have never had a problem being refunded the difference when the price is reduced within 30 days.  With the reduced clearance today, I went back and reviewed my orders.  Just got off the phone with CS.  Got a credit on a Marc Fisher purse and Lisa Rinna Vest.  The vest was on clearance when I bought it over 3 weeks ago.  The Marc Fisher bag I purchased  was at a  nightly special clearance price about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Between the 2 items, I am getting a credit for just over $25 dollars.