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Price Differences

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Not sure what is going on with pricing

Ordered TSV of Picture Perfect Connect BUT now it is cheaper even with shipping.

Ordered Barefoot Dreams blanket for Christmas and that was also reduced in the last 2 weeks.

BOTH were Christmas gifts.

I thought TSV's were the lowest price for like 6 months.

That appears to be not the case.  

Are there credits being issued for difference in price?

Thank you.

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@Pawslover You can contact QVC customers service - by chat is pretty easy to do.  They allow 30 days for a price adjustment.  So if you bought the items less than 30 days ago you will receive a price adjustment if you request it.

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I've requested a "price adjustment" several times from both QVC and HSN.  As long as it's exactly the same item and within 30 days, they will honor the lower price without a hassle.



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Thanks for the replies.  

I have contacted Customer Service and they took care of the difference  on Barefoot Dreams Blanket.

However, I was mistaken on Picture Perfect Connect as the lesser price was a smaller GB item.

I appreciate the help as I did not know Customer Service would be able to help.  They were very kind and took care of it for me.


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I did the same for the BF Dreams blanket. I bought 4 of them (2 for me and 2 as gifts). Did a live chat and was credited for the price difference w/ no questions asked.