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I just found out that if you purchase an item and the price of the item is lowered within 30 days of the order date, you can call CS and get a price adjustment. I saved $8.80 on the Blue Jean Chef 12" skillet I ordered on  2-27-23 and is now a lunch time special.

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Been doing that for years.  Never had a problem.

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Yes, most of us know this but there are probably some who don't. 


@suzykee   Thanks for mentioning this. 

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Re: Price Adjustments

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I keep what I have ordered in my WL for the next 30 days, so I can watch to see if the price goes down.


I think it is a great perk! 


Sure don't get that from Amz where the prices fluctuate continually!  NO credits for you!  LOL