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Pre-sale and now Backordered???

On 12/8 @12:52am, when the Kitchenaid stand mixer went on pre-sale, I ordered one in contour silver.  Expected delivery was 12/17, then moved to 12/24, now backordered.  On 12/9, the Kitchenaid stand mixer was TSV and I ordered one in gloss cinnamon.  Expected delivery was 12/18 and I received 12/15.  The pre-sale order sat for 13 days showing status as "preparing your order".  For one week, I have talked to numerous customer service reps and superivsors, only to get lip service or different stories.  My fear was that they oversold and I would not get the pre-sale order, which was a bill to, ship to for my Niece for Christmas.  Last night my status changed to "backordered" does a pre-sale order go into backorder, especially since it went on QVC home page as pre-sale at midnight on 12/8, and I ordered it 52 minutes later?  How does this happe?  We all know what will happen next, QVC will cancel the order, their typical move.  Nobody at QVC had the guts to tell me the real truth about this order, they just 13 days after the order, changed the status.  They cannot blame this on COVID or shippers being overwhelmed.  It never went anywhere.....I call this QVC incompetence.  I have been a QVC shopper for 25+ years, and I have ordered my last item.  When you lose trust, there's not much left.  QVC, there are many online retailers, so you do not have a monopoly.  One customer service rep told me I won't get "easy pay" at other retailers.  I don't want easy pay, did not ask for it, I want my order, which you cannot produce!  I guess all good thngs have to come to an end.....SO DONE WITH QVC!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Pre-sale and now Backordered???

I have 3 orders that I placed before Christmas (under their "get by Christmas" delivery time frame) and now all of them are showing "backorder", but when you look at the item--it is showing in stock.


Can the Mods give any insight on this?