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Interesting......with all that's going on in the world you think that people who could speak truthfully without being santioned could be a fiasco...hmm

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That's how many of them roll around here.


You'll get use to it or even just ignore it.

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Posts become problematic as, in this day and age, some are residing in the land of alternative facts.


If you are unable to agree on what the facts are, it makes it impossible to discuss much of anything.

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." BF
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You can say negative and critical things about another poster. However, if you say the same type of thing about a host, your comment will be poofed!
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While it's Q's BB and can do as they wish with it, it's our money and we can spend it where we wish. 

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I just hope the whole board doesn't get poofed Woman Frustrated

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@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes wrote:

At least we still get the free, unsolicited lectures on Constitutional law from time to time.

@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes  So is your post unsolicited.

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@Puppy Lips wrote:




@juanitalinda Well I would argue that everyone has the "right" to be rude and inconsiderate.  Whether or not you should be is a different question.  People are free to say what they want, and then suffer the consequences, such as no one wanting to associate with them because they are "rude and inconsiderate," or, in this case, their comments getting poofed.


@Puppy Lips. There's a QVC Facebook page for that 8f that's what floats your boat.

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