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I just checked the tracking on an order (which was supposed to have been delivered on the 20th of August). It's been sitting in Columbia, SC---1.5 hours from my house!--since


Now I see it just left CALIFORNIA--with no indication that it ever left Columbia!


This is the last two tracking updates:


  • Aug 24, 2020, 22:41Departed from FacilitySan Pablo, CA
  • Aug 18, 2020, 14:02Arrived at FacilityWest Columbia, SC

I know the corona virus is supposedly causing problems, but this is ridiculous! I get my orders from other places in a much more reasonable time frame...with none of this idiotic jumping across the country!


Once I get my last 3 orders (if I ever do), this will be it until I hear that QVC has gotten its act together.

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Re: Please Help with my order!

@vermint I apologize for the delay. Please email the order numbers to and we'll take a look. Cindy

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Re: Please Help with my order!

@Cindy-QVC Thank you so much...I just sent the email. It's only one order #, but it includes 2 items.

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Re: Please Help with my order!

I think this is happening alot with QVC now days.  I placed an order on 8/11/2020 that still has not arrived and there was no notice of any reason for a delay.  I have the Chicken Fried CHicken I ordered arrive HOT, literally hot to the touch after sitting in transit for 6 days.  QVC really needs to fix their shipping problems.  I don't mind waiting an extra day or two but this is too much and has to be costing someone money cause I had to toss that chicken and QVC kindly sent me more.  That shipment arrived still cool to the touch.

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Re: Please Help with my order!

I had ordered the TSV on July 16 and kept an eye on the tracking, as I always do. The package sat in the local UPS office from 7/20 until 7/29, at which time I called QVC's customer service and they sent out a replacement. (I would have called UPS to see if I could pick it up there, but they no longer have a phone number for customers.)


I watched the tracking for the replacement and it sat in a UPS facility 5 hours away from me from July 30 through August 12 (13 days)!!  I called CS again and once again they sent out a replacement which did arrive in a timely manner.  Guess the old adage "the third time's the charm" really was true in that instance.


QVC's customer service people were so very nice and extremely helpful.  I would never have persisted with this order except that I knew this was a product I used and I had been watching for months for a TSV!


The only thing that didn't work out about it is that I had ordered it on autoship the first 2 times and forgot to mention that to CS the third time...I just haven't been able to bring myself to call them again!!


Definitely call customer service---and good luck!!

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Re: Please Help with my order!

@Alajane. The moderators here are customer service people too and Moderator Cindy is already helping. No need to call too.