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Has anyone ever placed an order that did not go through ?


I just placed an order online a little while ago for Philosophy Purity I received my Thank You for the order that always pops up but, when I checked my order status the Philosophy order is not there.


Did that ever happen to anyone else ? I'm just concerned.

I will call CS Rep. in the morning.


Thanks for your help. 

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Yes. This has happened to me in the past.  It seems to be a computer glitch.   I once ordered a TSV jacket and it did not show up in my order history and I did not receive an e-mail confirmation. I called CS after a couple hours and they did not see it either and told me I must not have placed the order.  So I reordered it and that order showed up right away like normal and I thought all was good.  The next morning I wake up and I had received an e-mail confirming the first order. I ended up receiving two Jackets (neither could be canceled).  CS did give me free return shipping for one but it’s always a pain to return something. 

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Yes! Sometimes it takes a while for my orders to show up in my account, but as long as I get " the email" about the order, I know the item was ordered, and my item eventually shows up in my account and does arrive.

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Yes and recheck in a bit.  I have had them double up then and had to cancel the extra ones.

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Thank you everyone. My order did go through. 


It's nice to be part of these boards to ask questions & get answers.

It puts a person at ease.


Thank you again.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!